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Chartwell Information Publishers services are now provided by the consulting firm, The Envirobiz Group. The Envirobiz Group took over management and responsibilities for the Chartwell Solid Waste Digest and the Chartwell Atlas of Waste Disposal Facilities in 2006. These Chartwell Information Publishers services had been previously owned and operated by Environmental Business International (EBI”). Originally, Chartwell Information Publishers was a small publishing company in Alexandria, Virginia.

Chartwell Information Publishers was best known for its coverage of solid waste gate rates or tipping fees in the Solid Waste Digest starting in the very early 1990s. The Solid Waste Digest is now 100% focused on providing gate rates or tipping fees by annual reports summarizing the state trends for both construction and demolition wastes and municipal solid wastes.

In addition, the Envirobiz Group also provides the regional prices from individual landfills. Chartwell Information Publishers used the term “100 mile radius study” for this service. The Envirobiz Group can provide geographical coverage that is both larger in radius than the 100 miles and/or based on other criteria like political boundaries.

The Envirobiz Group maintains the extensive database that was used to produce the Chartwell Atlas of Waste Disposal Facilities. The proprietary database is used in conjunction with The Envirobiz Groups consulting services that assist clients with exploring opportunities in resource recovery and waste management.

Scope of Envirobiz Services
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