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Hazardous Waste Market
Database of Hazardous Waste Management Shipments
The Envirobiz Group, Inc. provides nationwide databases and/or worksheets with hazardous waste shipment information.  At the request of customer, the hazardous waste shipment records can be customized to include only the shipment records of interest (waste type, amount shipped, waste management, etc) to the customer. The shipment records can be further sorted into worksheets (e.g. state by state) to make it easier for the custom staff to utilize the shipment records. 
Database of Hazardous Waste Management Shipments
Mapping of Hazardous Waste Management Shipments
Mapping of the hazardous waste management shipment data chosen above can be done on the basis of the location of the source (generator) of hazardous waste and/or its destination (waste management facility).  The mapping can scaled to a certain radius of the given location (e.g.100 mile radius); within political boundaries (counties, states); and/or on larger regional or interstate basis.
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Hazardous Waste Management Market - Scope of Database and Mapping Services

Quantity of Hazardous Waste - In each biennial year, hazardous waste shipments have been required to be reported by large quantity generators.  The hazardous waste shipment data provided in these reports contains information on the location of the source of hazardous waste, of the quantity and types of hazardous waste shipped for management.
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LWD Map of shipments in tons
The Envirobiz Group, Inc. services identifying the sources of specific types of hazardous waste and the amount of the hazardous waste shipped.  This data can be provided in a specified geographical area and/or biennial comparisons of the quantities of hazardous waste shipped.

Management of Hazardous Waste – The biennial reporting data also included a disclosure of the type of management for the hazardous waste.  The hazardous waste shipment reporting can therefore also be used to determine the amount of hazardous waste sent for specific management from any geographical region within the United States and/or biennial changes in quantities of waste shipped from the selected geographical.  The types of waste management that are most suitable for this analysis are boiler and industrial furnaces (“BIF”) (waste to energy), fuel blending, incineration, landfills, solvent recovery, and stabilization.

LWD 2 Map
Market Share by Type of Management – In some cases, different types of management represent potential alternatives to a customer (e.g. BIF vs. incineration).  Using the same techniques previously described for defining the Quantity of Hazardous Waste and the Management of Hazardous Waste for multiple years, analysis can be provided as to the preference trends of customers within a given market area for given types of waste management. These reports can include supporting individual shipment records in the form of database/worksheets and mapping of the market situation.

Market Share by Specific Facility – The biennial reporting identifies shipment to individual facilities by individual customers.  These individual shipment records can be compiled to determine the amount of waste received at any given facility from a specified geographical regional market.  As indicated earlier, this analysis can be further targeted on specific types of hazardous waste and/or waste shipped for a specific type of management. Trends in market share can be analyzed using multiple reporting years. Mapping of the individual sources is an important visual tool since distance from the facility and therefore the cost of transportation is a significant factor in customer choices in some markets.

Market Share within a Target Market – As described above in Market Share by a Specific Facility, it is possible for The Envirobiz Group Inc. to compile individual shipments within a geographical market.  These compilations can be done for multiple facilities serving a target market to determine relative market shares. Mapping of the location of sources of shipments to various facilities provided a visual information tool essential in geographical areas where long distance transportation is key part of hazardous waste management costs.

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