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Environmental Information or EI began its research services in 1983 with the preparation of a reference titled the Hazardous & Industrial Waste Facilities Directory. The directory purpose was providing stakeholders with information on commercial hazardous waste management facilities. While Envirobiz maintains a proprietary database on commercial hazardous waste facilities for consulting purposes, it no longer offers a printed reference.

In 1997, Environmental Information launched a second service, The EI Digest that provided more information about hazardous waste facilities, parent companies, and trends in the commercial hazardous waste market. The EI Digest focus evolved to one in which it played a key role in compiling and providing annual market statistics for the commercial hazardous waste management sector.

The Envirobiz Group continues to serve the commercial hazardous waste management and its stakeholders with annual EI Digest market reports on commercial hazardous waste fuel usage, incineration, and land disposal. In addition, EI Digest supports the broader scope of hazardous and universal waste services through a weekly email report, The EI Digest FYI.

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