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Public Services
The Envirobiz group as a result of its ongoing consulting services collects, compiles, and analyzed proprietary data for clients. As a public service, The Envirobiz Group is providing some basic resource recovery and waste management statistics that have been developed from our research efforts as well as some Envirobiz white papers.

The statistics and white papers have been copyrighted, our permission to use the statistics and quote from the papers is hereby given freely with the conditions that:

  1. The source be identified as “The Envirobiz Group,”.
  2. The user assumes all legal and professional responsibility for its use of the statistics.

Chartwell Information Publishers:
National US Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Disposal Fees / Gate Rates Trends
National US Construction & Demolition Landfill Disposal Fee /Gate Rate Trends

Environmental Information (EI):
Commercial Hazardous Waste Boilers & Industrial Furnaces
Commercial Hazardous Waste Fuel Blending Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Incineration Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Landfill Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Metal Recovery Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Solvent Recovery Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Stabilization Facilities
Commercial Hazardous Waste Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Envirobiz Group White Papers:
Essential Basic Elements in a Sustainability Plan - Sustainability Hierarchy  

Factoring Human Needs into a Sustainability Plan

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